Thank you for taking the time to visit LocaWorks website. Your Middle Eastern Localization partner.

At LocaWorks, we strive to provide all of our customers with the highest quality services and end products ready to kick off.

As a company in the heart of the middle east region, LocaWorks possess unique combination of extensive business experience combined with culture, industry standards, fields operation and education.

We are flexible to meet your expectations. LocaWorks is your key to explore vast new opportunities. We aim to be your ultimate key of communication. Whenever you have a new challenge with Right to Left Language, LocaWorks is your unique partner.

We put all the efforts to understand your projects, goals, processes, and performance needs to make sure we can serve you timely and the right way to make the right connections with your clients.

We provide customized pricing charts to meet your budget. No need to worry about delivery dates, deliverables, tight deadlines, or even assignments over the weekends. You are always our PRIORITY.

Quick Facts

  1. Practiced knowledge of Localization Industry (L10N)
  2. TEP Services and Applied Quality Policy
  3. Extensive knowledge of Localization, Desktop and Translation Memories Tools
  4. Exceptional customer service
  5. Analytical and problem solving skills
  6. Exceptional knowledge of Middle East Culture
  7. Organized Team - Workflow